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It all started in the begining of seventh grade when me (Diario) and the Elf met and started playing together. The Elf didn't listen to any music at the time so the drums were all fuckin' weird. The songs were punk with a little metal, which is what I listened to at the time. Eventually I got sick of playing with the Elf because songs were so hard to put drums to 'cause he didn't know what the hell a punk beat was. Then I played in some cock rock band with some idiot guy who took control of the band when he wasn't supposed to be in it anyway. When that band broke up I started hanging out with the Elf again in the summer of eighth grade. He started skateboarding and he got this skate video with all these cool punk rock bands on it. He played the future beat for "The Anarchist" and I said, "Hey we gotta start playing togther again." So we did. We wrote a bunch of songs first "Strike You Down" which had really stupid lyrics so I changed it to "I Wanna Be A Person". We tried playing with my stoner friend "Crankhead" Aaron. He was pretty good but he moved to East San Jose in a couple of months. (He was important because he came up with the name Mentally Fat). Then in the winter I went to a program at the local music store, The Music Tree, called Rock the Weekend. That's where I met Willie. I found out that he wrote songs and could play bass really good. So we brought him over to practice with us. We wrote "Christian Ska is a Joke" together. And the rest is fucking history.