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The first three songs are available in real audio and mp3

"Christian Ska is a Joke" real audio/mp3- 44khz 1.75 MB
This is the first song we wrote together as a band. It's making fun of all the stupid christian ska and punk bands in Morgan Hill. They're the only type of music we have in Morgan Hill and we got fucking sick of it. The way we got the title was part of a Freeto Boat song went "christian ska, is that a joke?" And I thought, yes it is. Anyway it's a kick ass song, listen to it.

"Too Ugly" real audio/mp3- 44khz 1.61 MB
Willie wrote this song. I guess it's about how all the girls he was going out with him left because because he was too ugly. Anyway it's one of the best on the demo so check it out.

"School" real audio/mp3- 44khz 2.06 MB
This is the most offensive song on the demo. It's about about school, duh. We were originally not even going to have this song on the demo but everyone kept bugging us so we did. When we were recording it there were a bunch of our friends outside. We told them to sing the second chorus of the song with me and we tracked it twice. That's why there are a million people singing that part.

"The Corny Pop-Punk Love Song" 44kHz 1.80 MB
The name speaks for itself. Listen to.

"That One Song" (Featuring John Travolta on bongos) 44kHz 2.28 MB
I don't really know what to say about this song. It's pretty good. The bongos are probably the best part of the song.