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Basting The Poo Poo Dingo Pixies- My friend's band from Michigan

A Mormon Guide to Overcoming Masturbation- You know you need it

Corrosive 8- ska-punk-metal band

Tipper Gore's Guide to Dating Do's and Don'ts- This is complete bullshit

SPiSHAK- punk band

Aggro- old school state punk band

Your Mother- funny-ass band

The Jesus Homepage- made by Jesus himself

Moodfrye- electric punk

Strike 1- skate punk

The DIY Diary- A cool little instruction manual for being in a DIY punk band

World Wide Punk- A very comprehensive punk site Place with a lot of punk mp3s

The Pirate All-Stars- A cool ska band we played a show with

Andrew C's Punk Page- Go to this guy's page cause he signed my guestbook

Retards Attempting Punk- This guy is trying to link all California punk bands and start a zine

The List- The best place to look up shows in California

Betty Ri0ts Punk Page- This guy mentioned my band so go to his page

Yahoo!- Go here if your sick of this page